Father Mcmillan

A seemingly ordinary priest for a Church of the Daughter in the town of Galil.


For 65 he is in excellent shape. He has white hair pulled back in a ponytail, and kind blue eyes that have a certain sadness to them. He stands about 5’ 10" with excellent muscle tone for his age. It would lead one to believe that sermons and research are not his only activities.


Father Mcmillan was not always in the clergy. He was at first a family man with a wife and two sons. That was cut short in his early 20’s when an agent of The Other used his family as reagents in an effort to communicate with The Other. Unfortunately for “farmer” Mcmillan he witnessed the entire thing. The next 15 years of his life were marked buy two activities turning his grief into true faith, and digging up everything there is on The Other it’s offspring.
At the end of that 15 year period his grief had been completely replaced with faith, and he started giving sermons for the locals where ever he found himself. He was a wandering priest for
15 more years before he decided to settle down a preach in the town of Galil. Over the next 20 years he built his church and worked his way up the ranks in the church. He is now one of the worlds top most authorities on The Other and it’s offspring, and ways to battle them.

Father Mcmillan

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